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Experience the Industry's Most Realistic Unmanned Training Event

Guardian Centers of Georgia | Perry, GA


3 Days, October 21-23, 2024


5 Days, October 21-25, 2024

Uniting Technical and Tactical Excellence

UTAC is a fully immersive training event where public safety, government, enterprise, and defense operators gather to learn best practices, establish procedures, and gain experience with the latest innovations in unmanned aerial, ground, and maritime systems alongside augmenting technology solutions.

Through carefully curated hands-on training scenarios, technology workshops, live demonstrations, and expert-led presentations, UTAC provides an immersive training environment unlike any other industry event.

Security + Enterprise

The UTAC Training Campus

UTAC is held annually at the Guardian Centers of Georgia, a world-class facility that sets the stage for an unparalleled experience for both participants and sponsors. Located in Perry, GA, this 830-acre, state-of-the-art training campus offers an unmatched environment for showcasing technology, conducting realistic scenarios, and facilitating in-depth training and networking experiences.

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UTAC presents an exceptional opportunity for organizations to position themselves at the forefront of defense and security innovation. As a sponsor, you play a pivotal role in shaping an environment where technical and tactical excellence converge to redefine the future of defense and security operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTAC?

UTAC is no traditional exhibition — it’s a hub where public safety, government, enterprise, and defense operators gather to learn best practices, establish procedures, gain tech exposure, and practice new skills. We set ourselves apart by removing the limitations of traditional tradeshows, taking solutions off the table, and putting them into action, encouraging our attendees to “Train Like You Operate”.

Who should attend UTAC?

UTAC is designed for a wide range of participants including defense and security professionals, commanding officers, technology vendors, UAS pilots, robotics operators, IT administrators, procurement staff, and anyone interested in the latest unmanned systems and robotics technologies.

Where and when is UTAC held?

UTAC is held annually at the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA. UTAC 2024 will take place October 21-25.

How can I register for UTAC?

Complete the registration form here. Early registration is recommended as spaces can fill up quickly.

What types of training and demonstrations are offered at UTAC?

At UTAC, attendees can immerse themselves in a wide array of trainings and demonstrations tailored to the cutting-edge of defense and security technologies. From counter-UAS tactics and direct action operations to urban sniper training and CBRNe scenarios, each session is designed to reflect real-world operational environments. Moreover, the event showcases live demonstrations of the latest in unmanned systems and robotics, providing hands-on exposure to augmenting technologies within meticulously crafted, realistic scenarios.

How can my company become a vendor or sponsor at UTAC?

Companies interested in vendor or sponsorship opportunities can find detailed information here.

Can I receive technical certifications at UTAC?

Yes, UTAC offers technical certification opportunities for attendees covering a variety of tactics and technology platforms.

What networking opportunities are available at UTAC?

UTAC hosts a variety of networking events, including socials, panel discussions, and collaborative scenarios, allowing attendees to connect with thought leaders, technology operators, and fellow professionals in an informal setting.

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