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The Future of Unmanned Systems Training

A subject-matter expert leading a lecture for first responders and members of law enforcement at UTAC 2023.
Members of the armed forces participating in training exercises at UTAC 2023.
Members of law enforcement training with UAS technology at UTAC 2023.

Train Like You Operate

In an era where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the boundaries between the digital and physical realms blur, giving rise to new challenges and opportunities within defense and security landscapes. At UTAC 2024, we navigate this frontier, crafting an annual event that transcends conventional paradigms to redefine what it means to engage with unmanned systems and robotics in operational environments. Our mantra, Train Like You Operate, is grounded in the belief that the most profound learning occurs not through observation, but through immersion — a principle that shapes every scenario, workshop, and demonstration we curate.

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Members of law enforcement training with UAS technology at UTAC 2023.

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Empowering Modern Defense Capabilities

At UTAC 2024, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to revolutionize training, readiness, and technological integration within the defense and security sectors. Our mission is to forge an unparalleled platform where the future of unmanned systems and robotics is not just imagined but experienced. Through the convergence of cutting-edge technologies, immersive training scenarios, and a collaborative ecosystem, we empower operators, developers, and strategic leaders to transcend traditional capabilities, enhancing both individual and collective proficiency.

We dedicate ourselves to nurturing a community where innovation thrives on the frontlines of real-world application. By facilitating direct engagement between technology creators and end-users, we aim to catalyze the development of solutions that are both visionary and pragmatic. Our events are designed to challenge, inspire, and refine the skills of all participants, ensuring they are equipped to meet the evolving demands of defense and security with confidence and expertise.

Accelerating Tomorrow's Defense Capabilities

At the heart of UTAC 2024lies a vision that extends beyond the horizon of current capabilities, towards a future where technology and tactical expertise converge to redefine global defense and security landscapes. We envision a world where the boundaries of what's possible are continuously expanded through the seamless integration of unmanned systems, robotics, and augmenting technologies. A world where every defense and security professional is empowered with the knowledge, skills, and tools to anticipate and navigate the complexities of modern threats with unparalleled proficiency.

We see UTAC 2024 as the crucible for this transformative vision, a dynamic ecosystem where the brightest minds in technology, strategy, and operations collaborate to push the envelope of innovation and excellence. Our aim is to establish UTAC 2024 as the global benchmark for immersive training and technological showcase, fostering an environment where breakthroughs are not just showcased but become integral to the evolution of defense strategies and tactics.

The Anti-Trade Show

We formulated the idea for UTAC in 2018 after noticing a critical gap in the unmanned systems and technology industry for local, state, federal, and defense organizations. How do agencies looking to adopt new technologies find viable solutions and validate their effectiveness? After attending and exhibiting at over a hundred tradeshows, we still were asking ourselves that question. No matter how many solutions we saw or displayed at these events, they lacked authenticity- everything felt staged.

We decided to create an event unlike anything our industry had experienced- a show dedicated to the REAL application of unmanned systems and advanced technology in REAL operational environments.

We shook off the chains of traditional tradeshow concepts and UTAC took shape- the only event in the industry that brought together manufacturers, thought leaders,  end users, and decision-makers in a hyper-realistic training environment. We carefully crafted training scenarios at the state-of-the-art Guardian Centers training facility that pushed the boundaries of our attendees’ operational skills, incorporating elements like smoke, collapsed buildings, wrecked cars, controlled burns, live gunfire, explosions, role-players, moulage, and more.

As the event grew, our offerings did as well. Today, UTAC consists of live scenario-based training,  panel discussions and keynote presentations with industry leaders, advanced technology workshops and certifications, hands-on product demonstrations, an exclusive Defense-focused exercise, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTAC 2024?

UTAC 2024 is no traditional exhibition — it’s a hub where public safety, government, enterprise, and defense operators gather to learn best practices, establish procedures, gain tech exposure, and practice new skills. We set ourselves apart by removing the limitations of traditional tradeshows, taking solutions off the table, and putting them into action, encouraging our attendees to “Train Like You Operate”.

Who should attend UTAC 2024?

UTAC 2024 is designed for a wide range of participants including defense and security professionals, commanding officers, technology vendors, UAS pilots, robotics operators, IT administrators, procurement staff, and anyone interested in the latest unmanned systems and robotics technologies.

Where and when is UTAC 2024 held?

UTAC 2024  is held annually at the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA. UTAC 2024 will take place October 21-25.

How can I register for UTAC 2024?

Complete the registration form here. Early registration is recommended as spaces can fill up quickly.

Can I just come and observe?

The Observer Pass is a new option this year designed specifically for Command Staff, Procurement Personnel and IT members. While this pass does NOT allow you to earn certifications or get hands on, it will allow you to observe all Scenarios, Technology Trials, Workshops, and Presentations. Observers will be granted access to the Exhibit Hall, Tactical Marketplace, and Networking Socials.

What types of training and demonstrations are offered at UTAC 2024?

At UTAC 2024, attendees can immerse themselves in a wide array of trainings and demonstrations tailored to the cutting-edge of defense and security technologies. From counter-UAS tactics and direct action operations to urban sniper training and CBRNe scenarios, each session is designed to reflect real-world operational environments. Moreover, the event showcases live demonstrations of the latest in unmanned systems and robotics, providing hands-on exposure to augmenting technologies within meticulously crafted, realistic scenarios.

How can my company become a vendor or sponsor at UTAC 2024?

Companies interested in vendor or sponsorship opportunities can find detailed information here.

Can I receive technical certifications at UTAC 2024?

Yes, UTAC 2024 offers technical certification opportunities for attendees covering a variety of tactics and technology platforms.

What networking opportunities are available at UTAC 2024?

UTAC 2024 hosts a variety of networking events, including socials, panel discussions, and collaborative scenarios, allowing attendees to connect with thought leaders, technology operators, and fellow professionals in an informal setting.

What airport should I fly to for UTAC 2024?

UTAC 2024 is located at the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA, about 90 minutes south of Atlanta. We recommend flying into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Where should I stay for UTAC 2024?

We have several recommended hotels in Perry, GA, a short distance from the Guardian Centers. Please ask about Guardian Centers rates/Government rates.

  • Avid hotel: 209 Hampton Ct, Perry, GA 31069
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites: 1502 Sam Nunn Blvd, Perry, GA 31069
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