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The vendor hall at UTAC 2023.
A lecture on UAS technology at UTAC 2023.
A member of NATO armed forces training with UAS technology at UTAC 2023.

Guardian Centers of Georgia | Perry, GA


3 Days, October 21-23, 2024


5 Days, October 21-25, 2024

Why Sponsor/Exhibit at UTAC 2024?

We are excited to invite you to the 5th annual UTAC event. Since its inception, UTAC has stood as a base of standardization and validation of the tactical application of advanced technology solutions. Through the careful curation of real-world scenarios, expert-led presentations, hands-on product demonstrations, and intensive technology workshops, UTAC 2024 is the perfect setting for connecting technology operators and manufacturers/software providers.

Your participation in UTAC 2024 will enhance the experience for hundreds of public safety, government, defense, and enterprise organizations from around the world. And it will give you and your company valuable in person interactions, opportunities to showcase your technology and gather feedback.

UTAC 2023 attendees networking

Value of UTAC 2024

The Value of a UTAC 2024 Sponsorship

- Validate your products viability in real-world environment

- Receive direct feedback and insights to guide product development

- Meet potential customers and deepen existing relationships with current clients

- Gain insights into how your product works within an ecosystem of technology

- Accelerate your sales funnel and expand your pipeline

- Facilitate hands-on demonstrations for product leads

UTAC: The First Four Years

- 120% average total attendee growth, year over year

- 160+ public safety, federal government, defense, and enterprise organizations

- 50+ real-world immersive scenarios, workshops, and tech trials

Past UTAC Attendees

and many more...

Real-World Training Campus

Guardian Centers  |  Perry, Georgia, USA

  • 830-acres purpose-built training campus
  • 16 city blocks of multistory concrete and steel buildings
  • Collapsed Structures; Concrete and Steel structures that feature multi-angle breaching points, rescue tunnels, etc.
  • Flood Zone: Two-block residential neighborhood for maritime ops
  • Sub-Terrain; Tunnels, Metro Rail & Sub Station
  • Interstate Highway: 4 lane 1.1 mile simulated highway

UTAC 2024 at a Glance

Realistic Scenarios

UTAC's immersive training environments challenge the skills of attendees in conditions that reflect their real-life operations. Your team can showcase your products within these scenarios, providing attendees with a tangible and immersive experience that highlights the capabilities of your technology.

Tech Trials + Demos

At UTAC vendors can show off their products in our demonstration areas, taking them off the tradeshow table and using them in the real world. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product and receive direct, end-user feedback that can shape future product iterations.

Subject Matter Experts

UTAC brings together industry leaders and subject-matter experts (SMEs) to share knowledge during interactive panel sessions and keynote presentations. Start insightful conversations with end-users or sit on a panel to discuss what your technology is doing to change operational standards.

Networking Socials

UTAC brings together professionals focused on advancing unmanned systems, robotics, and adjacent technologies, making it the ideal forum for communicating challenges and innovative ideas. We host a variety of networking socials that provide premium opportunities to elevate awareness for your brand or product line.

Tactical Marketplace

The Tactical Marketplace sets itself apart by removing the limitations of traditional tradeshows, offering you the ability to take your product off the table, and putting it into action, while engaging end users from across the globe with meaningful conversations about your brand.

New Sponsorship Offerings


As the mobile robotics industry matures, the need for broader standardization is increasingly evident. This is especially true of training, where standardization often comes in the form of meaningful certifications. The priority of UTAC is to prepare operators for the demands of real deployments by incorporating a variety of factors into a controlled setting. Starting this year, we are partnering with companies to create workshops during the event that provide attendees with specialized certifications.

  • ATTENDEES walk away with documented training goals and accomplishments, which reflects their skill sets and helps with professional development.
  • AGENCIES have an industry-recognized credential ensuring their operators have undergone standardized training.
  • VENDORS have a dedicated opportunity to train end-users on their solutions, leading to stronger long-term relationships and a better user experience.

UTAC Sponsor Lounge

The UTAC 2024 Lounge provides the perfect place to meet with future and existing clients and build B2B relationships throughout the week. With limited access, this is a great opportunity to stand out from other sponsors/exhibitors at UTAC 2024.

Tactical Marketplace

New this year, the Tactical Marketplace offers an option for non-technology vendors to connect with public safety, government, and DoD operators from around the world.

Past UTAC Sponsors

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